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Contact Centre...

to receive, record, verify and update your insureds' records in realtime.

Administration Solution...

world class claims management process for all insurance claims services.

Seamless Integration ...

we have the facilities to integrate with our clients' own systems.

ClaimsActive is a highly experienced and independent claims management solution provider owned by Claim Managers Australasia.

Claim Managers Australasia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hogan Marketing Services Group who have provided outsourced customer communications facilities to the insurance industry, Australian government and major corporations since 1988.

The insurance industry experience together with innovative technology and established systems was harnessed and developed into a professional organisation that focuses on providing complete claims management solutions of an exceptional standard. ClaimsActive is an independent, highly regarded, value driven organisation.

ClaimsActive provides our clients with access to established claims management facilities, technology and resources. The highly trained staff is motivated qualified claims professionals.

The ClaimsActive ethic is founded on accountability, flexibility, professionalism and a high aspiration for success for our clients. The service delivered by ClaimsActive will result in an enhanced perception of your brand in the marketplace, assisting in the repeat, and increased, purchase of your products and services.

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