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Contact Centre...

to receive, record, verify and update your insureds' records in realtime.

Administration Solution...

world class claims management process for all insurance claims services.

Seamless Integration ...

we have the facilities to integrate with our clients' own systems.

ClaimsActive the independent Claims Management specialists

The insurance claims management and administration landscape is changing.

The insurance industry is focussing on the real economy and the trends within the insurance segment.

In this environment of complexity and competition the client experience becomes paramount for brand loyalty and repeat insurance business.

By introducing ClaimsActive, Claim Managers Australasia Pty Ltd transforms the way insurance claims are managed for our clients in insurance, self Insurance and broker industries. A "one stop" shop for professional claims solutions.

An independent market leader in Claims Management providing front-end first notification of loss and verification, assessing, recovery and settlement of claims, we have the national coverage, expertise, technology and systems to interact with your customers anywhere, anytime.

ClaimsActive will interact with your clients 24x7, serving as the face of your organisation, receiving new claims and managing each claim to settlement in our total claims management solution.

The ClaimsActive service gives you time to focus directly on developing your core business.

ClaimsActive manages Claims for its clients. That's all we do.

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